Risk Management:

We employ risk assessment techniques to evaluate the inherent risks in the operation of a global enterprise. Our technical experience along with risk factors analysis, enable us to present our clients with effective risk-minimization strategies and coherent solutions to financial and operational performances. Through the application of reasoned economic analysis, our team helps companies successfully manage the risk factors associated with management reports.

Business Strategy Implementation:

This strategy includes a source of expertise for adding value to a business, while to be sustainable, a Trade Strategy must satisfy all the business fundamentals. Our Trade Strategy promotes business value, not just technical whiz-bang. Our skillful staff can provide you with successful business plans. We have "been there and done that" for businesses when new technology waves arrived to give businesses additional assets and capabilities: distributed marketing, outsourcing, airfreight, over-night package delivery, phone/fax/e-mail, and now the Internet.

Operations Improvement / Reengineering:

We can support your company with the best in class, change management/operations and integration of your high technology insertion. While the system integrator focuses on managing the technical risk of the system implementation, we focus on ensuring that the user community is fully ready to use the advantages of the new system at go live.

Project and Program Management Services:

Do you have a list of critical business initiatives or projects to reach in order to succeed in the market place? Most companies know what those "hot projects" are, but they lack the tools, methods, and proper resources for getting them done. We provide you with Project and Program Management Services to keep your company going. With our guidance and supervision and following your direction, your business can operate far more successfully.

Practical Knowledge Management:

We have set a good record of helping companies trying to achieve great improvements in their businesses through Practical Knowledge Management. We help clients to improve all aspects of their businesses, by retailing the most knowledgeable employees, Technical Architecture for knowledge sharing and Collaboration.

Economic Development and Consulting:

We enjoy a strong technical base by employing professional staff. The combination of our administrators and technical staff allows us to provide a wide range of services for a variety of industries. Our consultants offer expertise in various fields such as healthcare, machinery, organizational, development, competition, policy, patents, franchising, job strategy and public relations.

Management Consulting, Research and Development Services:

Is your company facing complications to secure a deal or a merger?
Do you need to assess the risks that your company is facing?
In addition, once implementation is done, we work on expansion searching for unique opportunities for market awareness and revenue growth between companies with complementary goals and Objectives. In brief, we assist you to create channel-marketing strategies, identify appropriate partners and develop comarketing plans that leverage the strengths of each partner.

Human Resources:
Because organizational excellence requires success from both the technical and human perspectives we provide Human Resources out sourcing services to small, medium and large companies. In a cost effective manner to supplement current resources and to help growing companies meet peak needs for recruiting services and human resources support at a minimal cost.

What does our program involve?
We help our client's lead organization-wide change, improve individual and team performance, and develop leadership. We are keen on developing a work environment where all employees are excited and committed to the organization's goals and objectives, a v,ork environment dedicated to providing superior customer service through excellent performance , full employee participation and professional and organizational growth. We also tailor a comprehensive system of services to meet specific needs through:

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