About Us

Europe Hi-Tech Automation was founded in 2008 in Luxemburg.

With three active branches in Luxemburg, Ningbo and Tehran, Europe HTA has been actively operation within Europe, Middle East and Far East Asia for the past 5 years.
Our main focus is to create a secure environment for business and industry owners across the globe who are willing to operate beyond the borders of their local market. As internationalization process can be a sensitive and delicate matter for most of the SMEs, Europe HTA is ready to provide its clients with the most pragmatic, efficient and up dated solutions for such procedures. Our services cover a long list in various sectors. Management services, Marketing services, R&D services (Technology Transfer), Investment services, International Business services and legal services, are the areas we cover trough our strive for providing our clients with the most viable solutions in order for improving their business and reaching their goals.

In Europe HTA, we believe in expertise, commitment and innovation and we are determined not to stop until the mission is truly accomplished.